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Our 45 Urgent Care Highly Skilled Doctors & Staff


Dr. Mark Fowler

Dr. Mark Fowler is our clinic director. He has been directing the clinic since April 2010. Dr. Fowler’s professional background began as a Doctor of Jurisprudence. He practiced law for several years and later decided to go back to school and receive his Doctor of Medicine. He has practiced as a Medical Doctor for several years and is currently an emergency room physician. Dr. Fowler has received many honors and recognition as both a lawyer and physician. He has also co authored and published many articles.


Dr. Lisa Medlin

Dr. Lisa Medlin DMP, APRN, FNP-C, was raised in Scotts Hill TN. After graduating highschool she attended Union University where she received her Associates of Science of Nursing in 1988. After working at the bedside she returned to Union and received her Baccalaureate of Science in Nursing in 1995. After graduating she served the Henderson and Decatur county communities as a home-health nurse. She attended Vanderbilt University and received a Master of Science in Nursing in 2000. After becoming certified as a Family Nurse Practitioner she provided care in rural West Tennessee for several years before she returned to Union University. She received her Doctorate of Nursing Practice in 2011. Dr. Medlin taught nursing at Union University for 11 years before she accepted a position at 45 Urgent Care / Advanced Rehab and Medical in 2017. Dr. Medlin has fought a lifelong battle with Psoriasis, an autoimmune disorder. After a severe flare that landed her in the hospital for 5 weeks, she organized the Jackson Area Psoriasis Support Group and currently serves as the chair and facilitator of this group. She also serves as one-to-one mentor and community ambassador for the National Psoriasis Foundation. She also serves as Faith Community Nurse in her local congregation at New Life Tabernacle in Jackson, TN.

She has presented poster and podium presentation in national professional organizations on the topic of Osteoporosis, Vitamin D therapy, and Psoriasis. She has publicized articles in the Dermatologist, a peer reviewed medical journal. In 2017 Dr. Medlin served on a national advisory forum with other Psoriasis patients to assist the American College of Rheumatology in setting national guidelines for care of Psoriatic Arthritis.

Dr. Medlin is excited to be a part of a work environment that promotes regenerative care. Her passion is wellness care because she loves seeing her patients get better and have an improvement in their quality of life.

Dr. Medlin received her qualification as a Certified Hormone Replacement Provider with BioTe Medical, a nationally known organization that promotes healthy aging and wellness.

Dr. Medlin is married to her wonderful husband of 17 years, Dale. They have a beautiful daughter, Marjorie LiKay. In Lisa's spare time she enjoys reading, taking on roller-coaster rides, listening to music and playing the piano, and hanging out with her family. Her most daring adventure has been zip-lining!


Elena Jamscek

Elena Jamscek was born in Southern Illinois and grew up in Mayfield, Kentucky. While in high school she injured her ACL and had surgery and decided then she wanted to pursue sports medicine. She earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Sports Medicine: Athletic Training at Southeast Missouri State University. She then went to work for the Orthopeadic Institute of Western Kentucky in the Physical Therapy department. She also became a certified athletic trainer for Paducah Tilghman High School sports teams. It was then when she met her husband, Stan, who was the high school soccer coach. He transferred to Bethel University which brought them to Tennessee. She attended Bethel University where she completed the Physician Assistant program in 2015. She joined the team at Advanced Rehab and Medical/45 Urgent Care in 2016 as a Physician Assistant. Her athletic background plays an essential role in her ability to provide collaborative healthcare with the chiropractors on staff. In addition, Elena's dedication, compassion and sense of humor make our sick and injured urgent care patients feel at ease and right at home making her at great fit for our practice and our patients.


Amber Taylor

Amber is from Lexington, TN. She graduated from Lexington High School in 2005 and from West Tennessee Business College in 2007 as a Medical Assistant. She joint Advanced Rehab and Medical/45 Urgent Care in February 2011. Since then she has also earned her license as a Chiropractic Therapy Assistant, Chiropractic X-Ray Tech, and Medical X-Ray Tech. Amber excels in helping the clinic run smoothly and helping the doctors with her extensive knowledge and training as a Medical Assistant. When not at work she enjoys spending time with her family which includes Cliff and their 4 children.


Brandy Ring

Brandy Ring was born and raised in Gibson County, TN. In 2014 she attended Dyersburg State Community College. She then received her Phlebotomy Technician, EKG Technician, and Medical Assistant Certification. Before becoming employed at Advanced Rehab and Medical/45 Urgent Care she worked as a Patient Care Tech at Baptist Memorial Hospital in Huntingdon, TN. She has 3 children Cayden(11), Lucy (7), and Molly(6). In her spare time she enjoys spending time with her children, going to baseball games, traveling, and being outdoors.


Chrissy Newman

Chrissy Newman was born and raised in Trenton, TN. She graduated from Peabody High School in 2003 and was inducted into the FFA Hall of Fame. Chrissy also attended Trenton Technology Center and received her Administrative Assistant Certification in 2008. She has been married to Patrick Newman and they share 4 children, Ed (10), Lilly-Ann (7), Jenna (6), and Emma (1). Outside of work Chrissy enjoys fishing, hunting, photography and most of all spending time with her family. Chrissy has a passion for helping others and does a great job as the front desk reception specialist.


Ashley Paris

Ashley Paris was born and raised in Brownsville, Tn. In 2011 she obtained her CNA license to help make patient’s quality of life better. Before coming to Advanced Rehab and Medical, Ashley worked at Jackson Madison Co General Hospital as a Patient Care Technician. Since being at Advanced Rehab and Medical, Ashley has grown to love the patients here as well as enjoys learning about new techniques to help the patients with their everyday life. Ashley has a 2 year old little boy named Bryant and a 10 year old step daughter named Chloe. She is soon to marry her fiancé Blake Campbell in May 2020. In her spare time she loves to be at the ball field and spending time with her kids and fiancé.


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