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Sprains and Strains Treatment in Jackson

The Team at 45 Urgent Care Treats Strains Suffered at Work

The medical experts at 45 Urgent Care treat injuries such as sprains and strains that patients suffer on the job in Jackson, TN. In addition to providing exceptional care, we can assist with workers’ compensation claims by providing thorough documentation of patients’ conditions, recovery timelines, and necessary treatment plans. Our clinic has been helping patients get the medical and urgent care they need since 2000. We are proud to boast decades’ worth of experience in the healthcare industry, which helps us make accurate diagnoses, develop comprehensive treatment plans, and restore our patients’ health and mobility. If you sprain or strain muscles or ligaments due to a workplace accident, rely on our team to help you get back on track while also supporting your pursuit of workers’ compensation. Call us today to learn more about how we can help.

Sprains and Strains in the Workplace Are Common Occurrences

Comprising nearly one-third of workplace injuries, sprains and strains on the job are abundantly-common occurrences. Negatively impacting one’s muscles or ligaments, such injuries can have lingering effects that slow productivity and limit mobility. Among the most common body parts to suffer from such injuries are knees and ankles. Individuals who spend the majority of their time standing are most prone to sprains and strains. Susceptible professions include construction workers, nurses, mechanics, servers, and delivery persons.  If you sprain your ankle, knee, or another body part while at work, seek medical treatment from 45 Urgent Care. Varying degrees of pain accompany many ankle injuries. Extreme pain may prompt an immediate trip to our facility. But even if your pain is not severe, a checkup at our clinic is a good idea. Due to adrenaline, temperature, or other factors, the effects of sprains and strains may not be immediately apparent. Our professional staff can evaluate your condition and document it for potential workers’ compensation claims in the future.

The Effects of Sprains and Strains

Sprains and strains happen on job sites for a variety of reasons. They can occur because workers are improperly trained to perform certain activities, as a result of overexertion or overcompensation, or from a slip, trip, or fall, among other scenarios. But if you suffer a sprain or strain, it can significantly impact your ability to execute your job responsibilities. For minor cases, a sprain or strain may merely be a lingering inconvenience. However, depending on the severity and required job roles, such injuries can force some individuals to miss work. Fortunately, workers’ compensation may be available to help. Not only can workers’ compensation claims cover the cost of most treatments, but they may also be able to offset lost wages when you are incapacitated. To ensure you get what you deserve, seek treatment from a qualified medical team immediately following your injury.

We Treat Sprains and Strains Quickly and Efficiently

The medical experts at 45 Urgent Care endeavor to treat your strains and sprains quickly so that you can return to work with little to no limitations or restrictions. Alas, some injuries of this nature need rest or immobility to allow muscles, tendons, and ligaments to heal. In severe cases, cartilage can be significantly affected, too. After you suffer a sprain or strain, alert your employer that you need to seek medical attention right away. We will be happy to see you at our urgent care center that typically does not have a wait. Our doctors will quickly evaluate your condition and tailor a treatment plan to it. In addition to rest, we may suggest a routine that includes elevation, alternating ice and heat, and compression techniques. Throughout the process, we will document your care for workers’ compensation purposes.

Trust Us to Assist with Workers’ Compensation Claims

Workers’ compensation allows individuals who are injured as a result of their normal work responsibilities to be reimbursed for treatment and time missed from the job. But medical evidence and paperwork are necessary to ensure you get what you deserve from a settlement. Immediate action will help protect you against disputes over the cause or severity of your injury. Our entire team – including those at our convenient walk-in clinic – are proficient in recording each step of your treatment process. By seeking assistance at 45 Urgent Care, you can rest assured that you will have documentation to support your workers’ compensation claims.

Contact 45 Urgent Care After Suffering a Sprain at Work

Workplace injuries such as sprains and strains are unfortunate, but they do not have to be burdensome financially. If you suffer an injury on the job, rely on our professional staff to treat your condition while also assisting with inevitable workers’ compensation claims. We will quickly help restore your health while documenting the ordeal so that you have medical evidence to support your claims when the time comes. We have convenient walk-in hours at our Jackson, TN clinic, so be sure to visit us immediately after getting hurt. Contact us today to learn more.