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Here at 45 Urgent Care we offer three types of Covid-19 testing:
nasal swab PCR, rapid antigen, and rapid antibody.

The nasal swab is the standard nasal swab test that can diagnose or rule out an active infection. It takes about 3-5 days for the test results to return, and the patient must be quarantined during that time.

Our rapid antigen test will tell us if you have a current infection or not. You may or may not need a confirmatory nasal swab after this test, depending on the patient, symptoms, and exposure to Covid-19. The rapid antigen is a nasal swab test that takes about 15 minutes to run.

Our rapid antibody test detects the presence of antibodies of the Covid-19 virus. Antibodies are proteins produced by the immune system when it encounters foreign pathogens. The rapid antibody test is a one-drop blood test and takes about 10 minutes to process. A positive test for IgG antibodies simply means that you have encountered the virus at some point in the past few weeks, but does not mean that you have an active infection or can get others infected. A positive test for IgM antibodies may indicate an active infection, so we would automatically also complete the nasal swab for confirmation.

If you need to get tested for Covid-19, we prefer that you call us and wait in the parking lot. We will come out to your car to collect insurance information, payment, and conduct a basic medical exam with our provider and medical assistant. After completing the testing, you will be given a quarantine notice/work note that is good until the test results return. You will be given further instructions based upon your test results.

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