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Safe Testing Services During the Covid-19 Pandemic

45 Urgent Care PC has been committed to providing our patients with exceptional healthcare for nearly two decades. As the Covid-19 pandemic struck the world and continues to affect people, we maintain our commitment to caring for our patient’s safety and wellbeing with Covid-19 testing in Jackson, TN. Timely and accurate testing lets people know when quarantining is necessary to help reduce the virus’s spread. They can take care of themselves throughout their infection and seek urgent medical care if necessary. Our care center has a Covid-19 policy in place for you to review, and we encourage you to take advantage of our Covid-19 testing site. As people continue to take precautions, such as masking and social distancing, it’s important to get tested if you have any reason to believe you may have been exposed to the virus. You might have come in close contact with someone who tested positive for infection, or you could exhibit cold and flu symptoms. We have your best interests at heart and will run the tests we deem necessary.

We Have Three Types of Covid-19 Testing Available

Thorough testing options are integral to accurately diagnosing patients during the Covid-19 pandemic. 45 Urgent Care PC strives to ensure all our patients have access to safe and timely testing so that they can stay safe and protect themselves and others. Our urgent care center offers three types of testing, including the medical industry’s standard procedure and rapid testing for Covid-19. The nasal swab PCR test, our rapid antigen test, and our rapid antibody test are reliable methods indicating whether you have encountered the virus or have an active infection. We have described each option below to help you understand what they involve:

The Nasal Swab

This accurate test is the standard option to diagnose or rule out whether a person is infected with the Covid-19 virus. The nasal swab test takes around three to five days for results to return. During this time, the patient must remain quarantined until they get their test results.

Our Rapid Antigen Test

A rapid antigen test lets us know whether a patient has a current infection. Patients may or may not require a nasal swab test to confirm the results after taking our rapid antigen test. Determining if they need a nasal swab test depends on the patient, their symptoms, and any exposure to Covid-19. It takes about 15 minutes to run the rapid antigen test, which is also a type of nasal swab test.

Our Rapid Antibody Test

We use this test to detect the presence of Covid-19 virus antibodies in a patient. An antibody is a protein the immune system produces when it encounters a foreign pathogen in the body. This one-drop blood test takes about 10 minutes to process. If you test positive for IgG antibodies, it means you have encountered the Covid-19 virus at some point during the last few weeks, but it does not specifically indicate you have an active infection or might infect others. A positive IgG antibody indicates that you have developed an immunity to COVID-19. Testing positive for IgM antibodies might indicate you have an active infection, so our staff would automatically follow the rapid antibody test with a nasal swab test to confirm the results.



Information on Antibody Tests & How They Help

45 Urgent Care PC wants you to stay informed on your choices for Covid-19 testing, and antibody tests are an excellent method to detect whether the virus has been in your system. An antibody is what your body creates to fight off an infection, including the Covid-19 virus. These proteins are how you develop an immunity to viruses and other threats to your health. A serology test, also known as an antibody test, looks for the antibodies mentioned above in your blood instead of the virus. This test is not the same as a Covid-19 test, which uses a nose or oral swab to detect active Covid-19 infection. Instead, the antibody test uses a finger prick or blood test to check those who have already been infected and recovered or people who may have an acute infection. If you test positive for SARS-CoV-2 antibodies, it typically indicates you were infected with Covid-19, but negative results can happen when you haven’t had the virus for long. However, the test has 96% specificity, meaning 24 out of 25 tests detect antibodies correctly. If you are asymptomatic (no symptoms for the last 10 days), you can schedule an in-office or Telehealth visit to discuss a lab order for the antibody test.

Contact 45 Urgent Care PC in Jackson, TN

If you must schedule any type of Covid-19 test, we ask that you call us first and wait in our parking lot. A staff member will come to your car and collect your insurance information, payment, and perform a basic medical exam with a medical assistant and our provider. Once we complete the testing, we will give you a quarantine notice or work note that is good until we get back your test results. We will provide you with further instructions based on your test results. If you have any questions or need to schedule one of our testing options, contact us today to speak with our staff.

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