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A Unique, Dual-Purpose Facility

45 Urgent Care is a unique, dual-purpose facility with advanced rehabilitation and medical treatment options and an urgent care clinic. We provide a wide range of services to our patients in Jackson, TN. Urgent care facilities do not often provide the level of care you can find at ours, something that makes us immensely proud. We are dedicated to our patients, and we work tirelessly on their behalf. If you want comprehensive medical services and exceptional and accessible healthcare, there is no better place to turn to. Visit our clinic today.

Urgent Care Treatments and Hormone Replacement Therapy

It is important for our providers to offer a wide range of medical services to our patients. Our urgent care facility can handle everything from sprains to urgent care COVID-19 testing. And our other facility is capable of handling a broad spectrum of illnesses and conditions. Between the two sections of our facility, we’ve got you covered for:

  • Urgent Care: If you are experiencing an urgent medical situation, such as a dog bite, ear infection, or abdominal pain. Urgent care is a cheaper and better alternative than a visit to the emergency room.
  • Occupational Medicine: We perform pre-employment physicals, drug screens, work-related injury treatments, and alcohol testing at our urgent care facility.
  • Women’s Health: You can visit us for everything from menstrual health disorders to abdominal pain, pap smears, and STD testing. Women’s health issues are a top concern of ours.
  • Sports Injuries: Joint pain and muscle ailments are serious injuries that require immediate attention. Our experienced physicians can help you get back on the playing field.
  • Personal Injury Health: We can help you find your way after an accident that robs you of your normal lifestyle. That can include rehabilitation services.


  • Workers’ Care: If you were injured on the job, you can trust 45 Urgent Care to provide superior medical services, particularly related to pain management.
  • Flu and Cold Injuries: You don’t need to suffer from fever or cold symptoms without the attention of a medical professional. Visit our urgent care facility today.
  • Allergy Medicine: We offer tremendous allergy treatments that get results. Find some relief from allergies and get back to enjoying your life.
  • Hormone Replacement Therapy: As you age, it is perfectly natural to experience problems. After age 30, studies have shown that men and women produce three to ten percent fewer hormones. We can help.

Contact Us Today For More Information

The next time you have a medical problem, we hope you consider our dual-purpose facility. We are dedicated to your well-being. The breadth of our services ensures that you will find what you need from us. Whether you have acute abdominal pain or something else, we can help. Contact us today for more information.

45 Urgent Care

147 N Star Drive
Jackson, TN 38305

Hours of Operation 
Monday – Saturday 8:00 AM – 8:00 PM


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