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Here’s What Some Satisfied Customers Have to Say

Some of these reviews were submitted on other websites. We are not affiliated with or sponsored by these websites.

Today was my 3rd visit to the clinic but the 1st time for myself. The provider came in, sat down on the stool and rolled up in front of me, our knees just inches from touching. She TALKED to me, but most importantly she LISTENED to me! She treated me like she had no other patient to see. And after talking to me, she actually touched me to examine me! After being a nurse for 23 years I have never understood how a provider can treat you and not perform an actual examination, but they do. I cannot say enough good things about this clinic. I drove from scotts hill passing other places, to go to 45 Urgent Care.

Cathy Miles | Jackson , Tn , 11/07/2017

The nurse at the front desk was extremely helpful. She saw I was in pain and went above and beyond to assist me. This was my first time here but I would recommend this place for speedy and efficient service.

Antonia Franklin | Jackson , TN, 11/06/2017
Rickey Cosbey | Jackson , TN, 11/02/2017

Fantastic place Doctors, and staff finished what i needed there and will miss the place.

Will S. | Jackson , TN, 10/17/2017

Brought my daughter in clinic for strep throat and the staff was so wonderful.

Kailey Davis | Jackson , TN, 10/16/2017
Selina Hayslett | Jackson , TN, 10/15/2017
Emily Glisson | Jackson , TN, 10/10/2017

I take my kids here and they are amazing. It's always clean and fast and everyone is always so nice to me and my babies. I would recommend them to anyone!

Megan Williams | Jackson , TN, 09/08/2017

Great place! Great workers!

Ashley Paris | Jackson , TN, 09/01/2017

Friendly staff and I was in and out with no time. Very professional and I will definitely be back

Alan the gamer | Jackson , TN, 08/31/2017

I brought my daughter into the clinic and had a great experience. Very little wait time and friendly staff. We will definitely be back!!

Brandon Bane | Jackson , TN, 08/31/2017

Very friendly staff that helped me with everything that I needed

Antonio Taylor | Jackson , TN, 08/31/2017

Fast, excellent service!

Candie Case | Jackson , TN, 08/31/2017

My family has always been treated well here. Great environment staff and fast service always!!!

Teresa Ring | Jackson , TN, 08/31/2017

5 Stars

Ronnie Merrell | Jackson , TN, 08/31/2017

Loved that we had very little wait time.

Cindy Prince | Jackson , TN, 08/30/2017

I've went here numerous times! Staff are friendly each time never have to wait long!

Whitney Foster | Jackson , TN, 08/30/2017

Great environment. Clean and Professional.

Tabitha Stein | Jackson , TN, 08/30/2017

Highly recommend! Quality care with a quality staff!

Chandler Whitaker | Jackson , TN, 08/30/2017

5 Stars

Ashley Cole | Jackson , TN, 08/30/2017

Friendly staff and very little wait time!

Savannah Adkins | Jackson , TN, 08/30/2017

While on a road trip, my son became ill and required medical assistance. 45 Urgent Care was professional, clean and quick. I would definitely recommend them to family and friends. Thank you for being so helpful. I also met some incredible folks in the waiting room!

Leesa Gunter | Jackson , TN, 08/25/2017
Chris Tharpe | Jackson , TN, 08/15/2017

I was very satisfied with my visit. My waiting time was under 10 mins. I was in and out in no time.

Roshanta Harris | Jackson , TN, 08/09/2017
John Campbell | Jackson , TN, 07/28/2017
Glenda Bonds | Jackson , TN, 06/17/2017
Nathan Stanfill | Jackson , TN, 05/12/2017
Mr. Smith | Jackson , TN, 04/28/2017
Patrick Newman | Jackson , TN, 04/28/2017
Garrick Transou | Jackson , TN, 04/25/2017
Andrea Wilson | Jackson , TN, 04/25/2017
J Long | Jackson , TN, 04/24/2017
Georgia Eaves | Jackson , TN, 04/24/2017
Alesha Jones | Jackson , TN, 04/24/2017
Tameka King | Jackson , TN, 04/24/2017
Marta Hayward | Jackson , TN, 04/24/2017
Brandi Adams | Jackson , TN, 04/24/2017
Natalie Hollis | Jackson , TN, 04/24/2017
Kenya Jones | Jackson , TN, 04/21/2017
Allen Golec | Jackson , TN, 04/07/2017

The office staff was very friendly and knowledgeable , and I was in and out in a very quick manner.

Ann Palmer | Jackson , TN, 04/06/2017
Cathy Miles | Jackson , TN, 04/05/2017
Garrick Transou | Jackson , TN, 04/03/2017
Sherry Stanford | Jackson , TN, 04/03/2017

Courteous, Timely, Clean and Friendly environment...Affordable and doctors very informative...

James Swann | Jackson , TN, 04/03/2017
Mary Ellen Kelley | Jackson , TN, 04/03/2017
Don Buchanan | Jackson , TN, 02/14/2017
Tasha Gantt Washburn | Jackson , TN, 02/08/2017

45 Urgent Care is the place to go!! I had a short wait time and ALL of the staff was nice and friendly.

Jerrica Fullington | Jackson , TN, 01/18/2017

I have been to just about every chiropractor in Jackson until I found Dr. Bone. I enjoyed and respected his forward thinking approach and very state of the art ways of treating. I knew I had found a chiropractor that I would be with until he retired. When 45 urgent care open and I knew with his attention to detail in the chiropractic world this would be a very good office to visit with my medical needs as well.

Dallas Rush | Jackson , TN, 01/17/2017

Great Service people were amazing and professional would go again

Misty Lynn McDaniel | Jackson , TN, 01/17/2017

The reason of being here due to fast service. They are good quality on timing in other words. They have helped me and my son when I had to work late. They were open late. They were fast, friendly approval at all times. Keep up the good work.

Shalitha Graves | Jackson , TN, 01/12/2017

I George Smith came to 45 Urgent Care with pain in my right knee on Oct. 12, 2016. I started the injections and as of Nov. 3 the knee is doing great and I can tell a big difference in the knee from last month and before. The staff here is great and willing to work with you and get you what and where you need. They are always smiling and cheerful. They are Five (5) stars in my eyes and yes I would recommend them to all my family and friends.

George Smith | Jackson , TN, 01/11/2017
Charlie Coble | Jackson , TN, 01/11/2017

Always great at this Urgent Care and at Chiropractic Services.

Susan Warren Kee Holloway | Jackson , TN, 12/31/2016

Excellent. I was in and out in 20 minutes and got exactly what I needed. Very nice staff too.

Lindsey McIver | Jackson , TN, 12/30/2016

I have actually had to visit the clinic twice this month. I am a vet and I don't have insurance outside the V.A. Hospital, so if I have something that needs immediate attention I visit 45 Urgent Care. I was there once for a bite of some sort and the next I was extremely sick with sinuses and flu symptoms, each time I was treated quickly and efficiently. Within a few days of each visit they had correctly medicated me, because I was up and feeling much better!

Vickie Mccann-Owsley | Jackson , TN, 12/24/2016
Cliff White | Jackson , TN, 12/13/2016

I appreciate you people. I was fixed up so fast. Twice in a month!

Reyes Sr Benja | Jackson , TN, 12/09/2016
Robert Norvell | Jackson , TN, 11/29/2016

Great staff and treated very well!!!!!!!

Adam Qualls | Jackson , TN, 11/09/2016

Fast, Friendly with my approval at all time to be helpful when needed.Get's me with a well done feeling I got to get better now,Thank for your Urgent.

Shalitha Graves | Jackson , TN, 11/01/2016

Very friendly and quick will definitely be back.

Alyssa Mills | Jackson , TN, 10/31/2016


George Alexander | Selmer , TN, 10/31/2016

Great providers and staff with very little wait time. Highly recommended.

Brylee Bone | Jackson , TN, 10/31/2016

He was very attentive an concerned an efficient. He was very professional in his exam. I was very impressed with his abilities.

JoAnn Doss | Jackson , TN, 10/26/2016

Was very impressed with services, I would reccommend!

Naomi Williams | Jackson , TN, 10/25/2016

I highly recommend 45 Urgent Care. I got seen quickly and was very pleased with the courteous staff. I highly recommend this clinic!

William Meadows | Pinson , TN, 10/19/2016

45 urgent Care provides excellent service. I got in and out quickly. They are very friendly too. I highly recommend this clinic!

Joy Meadows | Pinson , Tn, 10/19/2016

It's always a wonderful experience. Friendly staff, clean environment, and fast care. I go out of my way to come here. It's a wonderful place that I trust with my children!

Annissa Frink | Jackson , TN, 10/19/2016

I have never had wait for more than 10 minutes. I've gone 3 or 4 times now. One was 10 minutes before lunch on a Monday, once was 30 minutes before close on a Friday... Every time I was treated so well, as was my baby. I've been very pleased with the professionalism, personal care, and knowledge of the staff!

Ashley Abernathy | Jackson , TN, 10/17/2016

Went for my daughter she had got bit by a dog I was in & out less than 30 MIN. Her meds was already sent to Walgreen to be picked up verses dropping off a prescription then come back.. every question was answered on the spot

Lucky Cam | Jackson , TN, 08/31/2016

Overall I had good experience

Jim | Berkeley , CA, 07/13/2016

Great doctors and wonderful staff!

Christy Seratt | Jackson , TN, 07/13/2016

I love when a doctor and staff care. This is the place

Tonya Dunlap | Jackson , TN, 04/01/2016

Quick and pleasant, professional.

Sylvia Hines | Jackson , TN, 03/05/2016

Great experience! Caring staff who listened to my concerns and treated me with professionalism and genuine concern. Best wait time I have ever experienced!

Leslie Mecklin Morgan | Jackson , TN, 02/21/2015

Fast friendly almost no wait time and excellent care!

Michelle Hollly | Jackson , TN, 01/24/2015

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