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Visit Our Medical Center and Rehabilitation Clinic Today

At 45 Urgent Care, we emphasize patient success. Whether you visit us for Physiotherapy or medical treatment, you can expect top-flight medical care from a team of dedicated professionals. We have treated thousands of Jackson, TN residents with workers’ compensation claims, and more. Our facility can handle complex and cutting-edge medical procedures such as bioidentical hormone therapy. Finding a facility with both a medical center and a physical rehabilitation clinic is near-impossible, but that’s what we offer. We offer a comprehensive service. Read below to learn more about our services.

What Is Workers’ Compensation?

Workers’ compensation is a state-mandated business insurance program that benefits any employee who injures themselves while on the job. The coverage enables employees to seek medical treatment and physical therapeutics at no cost to them. It also guarantees employees do not lose their job if their injury prevents them from doing their job. Last, workers’ compensation protects businesses from lawsuits and keeps them compliant with state regulations.

What Should An Employee Do If Hurt on the Job?

If you feel pain in any area of the body after doing a workplace-specific activity, the best thing to do is report the issue. Once you do, the workers’ compensation process begins. If you did injure yourself, physiotherapy is a common solution. One of the most common injuries we deal with is repetitive stress injuries. These injuries occur when workers perform the same movements over and over. The repetition can cause strains. Physical therapeutics usually addresses the problem.

How Does Occupational Medicine Help Treat Employees?

Occupational medicine refers to a broad spectrum of treatments. 45 Urgent Care is a full-service occupational medicine clinic. Our professional physical therapist and practitioners perform physicals, pre-employment screenings, provide general medical care, and evaluate employees following an injury. We also offer world-class physiotherapy and injury treatment. For employers, retaining our services is beneficial because it keeps their overall costs down while protecting themselves from liability. Most importantly, it serves employees.

What Treatments Do You Offer for Sports Injuries?

If an athlete injures themself, we can treat the injury. But each sport places unique demands on the human body. For tennis players, we might utilize physiotherapy to strengthen ankle or knee ligaments. Football is a physical sport, and we’ve helped athletes recover from broken fingers and wrists. We also handle more complicated injuries, such as torn ligaments.

What Types of Athletes Do You Treat?

We treat all athletes. We can do so because we are familiar with the common injuries associated with each sport. We have helped runners, volleyball players, gymnasts, soccer players, wrestlers, baseball players, and football players return to their pre-injury form. We treat both amateur and professional athletes at our state-of-the-art facility. We pride ourselves on our ability to help athletes recapture their athletic potential and succeed on the field of play.

What Are Bioidentical Hormones?

There are two types of hormones not produced by the body: bioidentical and synthetic hormones. The difference between the two is how closely they replicate naturally-created hormones. With bioidentical hormones, patients can expect a replica – molecule by molecule – of their hormonal structure. Bioidentical hormones are more effective than synthetic hormones for this reason.

Who Requires Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy?

Anyone who has a hormone imbalance should explore bioidentical replacement therapy as a potential treatment. Both men and women can suffer from hormonal issues, and we commonly treat patients with usual estrogen or testosterone issues. Some of the most frequently reported symptoms of hormonal imbalances include sleeplessness, brain fog, muscle loss, and low energy. Aging plays a role in both men and women. Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy helps to even the hormone levels and restore normal functioning.

What Are the Medical Benefits of Weight Loss?

Modest weight losses can have significant impacts on overall health. For instance, blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood sugars are all intertwined with weight. There are other benefits. Those who lose even five percent of their weight experience less strain on their joints and fewer aches and pains. If you have sleep apnea, losing weight is one way to address the issue.

Contact 45 Urgent Care For Medical Care Today

As one of the most respected urgent care facilities, we offer both immediate and preventative care. That makes us unique. Most emergency medical appointments don’t require a visit to the hospital. Instead, visiting an urgent care clinic like ours can save thousands of dollars in medical fees. But most importantly, you receive personalized and compassionate medical care in a facility equipped to handle all your follow-up appointments. Visit us today or contact us to schedule an appointment.

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