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Quit Smoking

By: Elena Jamscek As 2017 approaches in like a day, you may be thinking of making a New Year’s resolution. Maybe you have thought about quitting smoking…I say that’s the best ...
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High Blood Pressure

By Amber White Well now that the holidays are in full swing so is the stress that goes along with it… all the shopping. ..the cooking…and the dreaded family dinners with that one cousin ...
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5 Medical Tests to Get Before the Year's End

By: Elena Jamscek Well it’s the end of the year…it’s time to get those last-minute tests scheduled before our deductibles restarts back at $0! Here is a list of medical tests in MY ...
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Oh Nausea!

By: Amber White So.. you go to bed and everything is all fine and dandy and then you wake to that all too familiar feeling of nausea. A feeling that most people can’t stand. With nausea often ...
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Resolution Season

By: Elena Jamscek Now that Thanksgiving has passed and Christmas is right around the corner we are eating everything in sight because it’s so good; our waist bands are paying the price. ...
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Adult Earaches

By: Amber White Most of the time when a patient comes in complaining of an ear ache it tends to be a child, however sometimes adults do have ear pain from time to time. One of the main causes of ear ...
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Baby Blues

By: Elena Jamscek So…I just had a baby and this is my first week back to work. That first day was hard but it’s getting better! My first entry back at work I thought I would talk about ...
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Urgent Care vs. Emergency Room

By: Christy Seratt 10/17/16 It’s 8:00 am, you’ve overslept! You jump out of bed and bang your toe right on the corner. Ouch! It begins to swell, instantly turning a wide range of colors. ...
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It's That Time of Year Again...Flu Shots

By: Amber White Welp its mid-October and flu season is among us. While we have yet to have our first positive case of the flu here at 45 Urgent Care, PC it’s never too early or too late to come ...
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Fruits and Veggies

Fruits and Veggies By Amber White September is Fruits & Veggies More Matters Month and National Childhood Obesity Month. While fruits and veggies may not be at the top of the list as your ...
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Head Lice: Prevention and Treatment

Head Lice: Prevention and Treatment By: Brandy Ring As school is back in session we all have the fear of our child catching head lice from being around other children at school. Head lice is spread ...
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Should I use hydrogen peroxide to clean a wound?

Should I use hydrogen peroxide to clean a wound? By: Amber White While some people will clean a wound with alcohol most people choose to use hydrogen peroxide because it does not burn. However, if it ...
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I have a sore throat... Should I go to the doctor or wait it out?

I have a sore throat... Should I go to the doctor or wait it out? By: Amber White One of the most common complaints we see at 45 Urgent Care is sore throat, especially now that schools are back in ...
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Back to School

Alright so school is starting back up…parents are cheering and so are the germs!! It the time of strep throat, stomach viruses, and head lice oh my! Best thing for this time of the year is HAND ...
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Swimmer's Ear

Swimmer’s Ear By: Elena Jamscek Staying with a summer time theme, tis the season of swimmer’s ear! As a kid I was on a swim team at our small town country club and when I was between the ...
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UV (Sun) Safety

UV (SUN) Safety By: Elena Jamscek So this topic really hits home for me! I don’t think I have ever had a tan in my life (unless you count that spray tan that turned me kinda orange for my junior ...
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Staying Hydrated During These Hot Summer Days

By: Elena Jamscek It’s summer time and it’s time for fruity beverages by the pool or a cool coca cola while sitting on the porch! Enjoy you’ve earned it! Oh and cuz it’s REALLY ...
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