Start Lowering Your Risk for Heart Disease

By: Elena Jamscek

Heart disease is the leading cause of death for men and women! 25% of the deaths that occur each year are related to heart disease. That is 1 in 4 deaths! But don't get down there are several ways of preventing this from affecting you!

1) watching your weight - yes we all say we are watching our weight but you have to actively change your lifestyle to a healthier one to really prevent heart disease. Hey and while your at it (preventing heart disease that is) you will also be preventing type 2 diabetes with a healthy lifestyle and weight watching which is an added bonus!

2) Stop smoking - smoking makes your blood vessels like kinked hoses and your heart can't get the blood or oxygen it needs. Since you are going to quit smoking encourage others around you to quit smoking too because second hand smoke is just as harmful!

3) Control your cholesterol and blood pressure - this is a quick visit to the clinic to get your numbers and some counseling on what you need to do specifically! Come fasting for your quick cholesterol check!

4) If you drink alcohol please drink in moderation. It's good practice anyway but in moderation red wine is good for your heart but don't go overboard with the sauce!

5) Get active - your heart is a muscle...exercise it! Make it stronger!

Any additional question you have can be directed to me at the clinic 731-554-0571 or at the American Heart Association website.

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