By: Elena Jamscek

Dreading getting out of bed because your first step is the worst? Plantar fasciitis may be your problem.

Risk factors for plantar fasciitis are

  • excessive running,
  • high arch,
  • when one leg is longer than the other,
  • obesity,
  • occupations with prolonged standing or walking,
  • sedentary lifestyle
  • Achilles tendon tightness.

This is an in-office diagnosis; rarely are images required. If they are done in office, your doc is most likely trying to rule out heel spurs.

Treatment can be done in stages. Initial treatment should be tried for a few weeks.

  1. rest
  2. modify activities,
  3. rolling foot on frozen water bottle,
  4. pain medication,
  5. Calf and Achilles stretching,
  6. Ankle strengthening exercises

If heel pain persists, then physical therapy, foot orthotics, and night splinting may be needed.

Custom-made foot orthotic can be purchased from our office after a foot scan is performed.

Pain lasting 6 months despite therapy may require shock wave therapy or a surgery called plantar fasciotomy.

Recovery from plantar fasciitis is a long road; don’t get discouraged.

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