What Is Your Skin Saying?

Skin Tags

Diabetes and its precursor, insulin resistance, can result in multiple skin findings, including the much-hated SKIN TAGS. Also called acrochordons (correct term) skin tags are small projections of skin that grow on little stalks in skin folds, like the underarms, groin, neck, and bra-line.

It’s not unusual to have these little friends hanging around but having 5 or more is positively correlated with having insulin resistance, diabetes, obesity, and elevated cholesterol.

Thyroid and Skin

The thyroid can cause a variety of skin findings. Dry skin, excessive sweating, brittle nails and hair, hair loss, and thinning eyebrows are all possible skin symptoms of thyroid disease. Of course, people can get those symptoms without thyroid disease, but awareness of the skin findings of thyroid disease can be important in people with other symptoms (fatigue, weight changes, bowel changes), as well as in the management of thyroid disease.

For instance, in a patient with a known history of underactive thyroid, the development of very dry skin or hair loss could indicate inadequate treatment.

Hair Loss

Hair loss can be seen as a symptom, not only of thyroid disease, but also anemia, iron deficiency, and auto-immune diseases such as lupus. Alopecia is a consideration that you doctor will have if there is a pattern to the hair loss.

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