HOW can I stop smoking?"

Tobacco use is a chronic relapsing disorder.

Nicotine is highly addictive. It’s a potent psychoactive drug that causes physical dependence and tolerance. When you stop smoking “cold turkey” the smoker develops cravings for cigarettes and other symptoms such as:

• Depression

• Insomnia

• Irritability

• Anxiety

• Difficulty concentrating

• Increased appetite

Medications for smoking cessation aims to relieve the symptoms of nicotine withdrawal and/or make smoking less physically rewarding. Experts agree that a trifecta of nicotine replacement, buproprion, and counseling may work best.

Nicotine replacement consist of gum, patches, and lozenges.

Buproprion is an antidepressant which helps decrease withdrawal symptoms. This should be started 7 days before desired quit date.

Behavioral counseling is a great adjunct therapy to help, those resources can be given to by your PCP.

Pick a date to quit, tell loved ones to keep you accountable, and call your doctor for help!

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