First thing you will probably be asked with a rash is “have you come in contact with anything new?” this means any soaps, detergents, lotions, or any environmental changes.

One common rash is contact dermatitis:

1. irritant–which is caused by non-immune-modulated irritation of the skin by a substance – redness, scaling, inflammation (hands most commonly affected)

2. allergic–a delayed hypersensitivity reaction – hives and rashes

Most common causes of contact dermatitis include

  • poison ivy (allergic)
  • nickel (14% of all contact dermatitis)
  • fragrances (14% of all contact dermatitis)
  • neomycin (11.6% of all contact dermatitis—I do not recommend Neosporin for this reason)

The rash will look different depending on the length of exposure to the agent.

masquerading rashes. . . fungal infection, psoriasis, eczema, scabies or bacterial infection of the skin.

Our priority as medical providers is to identify and avoid the causative substance.

Cool compresses can soothe the symptoms while calamine lotion and oatmeal baths may help dry and soothe acute, oozing lesions.

Steroids may work well too–topical lotions work well for a small area or oral steroids if involvement is more than 20% of skin surface area.

If treatment fails, allergy testing can be performed.

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