Will My Knee Pain Get Worse?

There are risk factors which may predict who has worsening knee arthritis. IF you are:
- male
- obese
- feel worsening pain in your knee (your opinion), or
- worsening comparison knee xrays (my opinion)
your knee pain is more likely to get worse.

If you have many joints that hurt (possible RA), misalignment of the knee, or are sedentary you are less at risk for worsening knee pain than those with the risk factors above.

So, your doctor may

  1. take an xray to assess how the bones and joint look
  2. suggest exercises to help mobilize the knee
  3. provide braces
  4. suggest weight loss – for every 5 pounds lost there is 20 pounds of pressure off of your knee!

Treatments we offer

  1. steroid knee injections – only 3-4 a year allowed, temporary relief of inflammation
  2. viscosupplementation injection – every 6 months, provides knee with lubrication and some padding to relieve pain
  3. Regenerative medicine injections (stem cells) – though a slightly longer wait for results than the previous treatment, the purpose is to rebuild cartilage, provide more joint space, and decrease pain.

Take home points: Lose weight and stay mobile!

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