Cuts and Sutures..

It happens without warning. A minute ago, you were fine. Now there’s blood everywhere. Do you need stitches? Should you clean the cut yourself and hope for the best? Should you go to an urgent care clinic or a hospital emergency room?

Unless your cut is clearly superficial, visit our urgent care clinic or the nearest ER within 6-12 hours of your injury. If the cut is serious, going without medical care can result in infection, scarring, permanent injury or even death.


Some cuts are serious enough to require hospital care. If you have one of these cuts, head for the ER stat:

Deep gaping wound

Cut spurting bright red arterial blood

Wound with jagged or torn edges

Deep cut on a joint

Cut that exposes muscles, veins, or bone

Cut that still bleeds profusely after ten minutes of direct pressure

Deep or long facial cut

Cut that contains an embedded object

Deep wound on hands or fingers

Deep human or animal bite


For cuts that need medical attention but are not life-threatening, we clean and stitch these types of wounds:

Straight cuts with sides you can easily push together

Shallow facial cuts

Cuts and abrasions with embedded dirt

Human or animal bites that aren’t excessively deep

Cuts that aren’t serious but were caused by dirty or rusty objects


If you’ve sustained a clean puncture wound that’s not serious, visit us for a tetanus shot if you haven’t had one in ten years. If the puncture wound involved a dirty object, get a tetanus booster if you haven’t had one in five years.

While we perform a myriad of health services for our community and take numerous health insurances, go to our urgent care clinic or the nearest ER immediately if a treated or untreated wound shows signs of infection like swelling, redness, pain, tenderness or is oozing pus. Left untreated, an infected wound can cause blood poisoning.

Regardless of wound severity, call 911 if you are having a problem with movement, if there are red streaks around your wound or if a body part feels tingly or numb.

As always, we are here for you Monday – Saturday 8 am to 8 pm…..731-554-0571 with no appointment needed and an under 10 minute wait time to be seen!
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