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By: Amber White

So.. you go to bed and everything is all fine and dandy and then you wake to that all too familiar feeling of nausea. A feeling that most people can’t stand. With nausea often comes vomiting, and the two together can really knock you on your butt. If you have experienced nausea and vomiting sometime in your life, then you know how distressing the symptoms can be.

Unfortunately, nausea and vomiting are extremely common symptoms of many underlying conditions. This time of year we see a lot of people who have become plagued with stomach viruses, food poisoning or other medical conditions that cause them to feel nauseous and weak. The symptoms can last a few days or can last for weeks to months if left untreated.

The best treatment for nausea and vomiting is to determine the exact cause of the symptoms so that doctors can treat the illness and not the symptoms. We understand how miserable nausea can make you and we want to help. Come see us at 45 Urgent Care whenever you feel a touch of nausea coming on and we’ll do are best to get you back to normal as quick as we can.