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By: Elena Jamscek

Well it’s the end of the year…it’s time to get those last-minute tests scheduled before our deductibles restarts back at $0! Here is a list of medical tests in MY OPINION we should get every year!

  1. Routine lab work
    1. CBC – blood counts: checks for infection and anemias.
    2. CMP  -this checks electrolytes, blood sugar, and kidney function.
    3. TSH – thyroid hormone: if you’re feeling unusually tired or having skin/hair issues.
    4. Lipids – this is your cholesterol: this is important to check for the fat in your blood to help avoid plaques and blockages in your vessels.
  2. PAPs and Mammograms (women only of course)
    1. PAPs are good screening tools for cervical cancers – and let’s face it that’s one thing we can’t do ourselves.
    2. Mammograms – if you are older than 45 a screening mammogram yearly is a good idea to check for breast cancers.
  3. Colonoscopy (Men and women older than 55)
    1. First screening colonoscopy should be at age 55 – and hey if it is clean you are usually good for another 10 years before you must have another!!
  4. Eye/vision check
  5. PSA/prostate exam (men only)
    1. After age 50 it is a good idea to keep an eye on your PSA (blood work) to know if your prostate is still the size it should be.
    2. Prostate exams – if your PSA comes back abnormal or if your 50 or older a prostate exam is a good idea to screen for cancer.

Here at 45 Urgent Care PC, we can help you to get these done. Just give us a call at 731-868-4716 or come by and see us at 147 North Star Dr. in Jackson, TN.