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By: Elena Jamscek

By: Elena Jamscek

1. Going out in the cold without a coat with give you a cold WRONG!The common cold is a virus.Viruses do not do well in the cold weather.What the cold weather does is heard us all indoors where it’s warm.We are in close quarters and that’s when the viruses spread.

2. Gum stays in your stomach for 7 years NOPE! The ingredients in gum are much the same as other processed food that we eat.The digestive tract is a great machine and even if the ingredients are indigestible, meaning they aren’t absorbed, the material moves right along and exits the body in a normal amount of time.

3. Stomach ulcers are caused by spicy foods or stress NOT THE CASE! Stomach ulcers are most commonly caused by the bacteria H. Pylori, aspirin, and iron tablets.They may hurt more with spicy foods but it isn’t the cause.

4. Cant’ get pregnant on your period ABSOLUTELY FALSE!It is completely possible to get pregnant on your period.Ejaculated sperm can live inside a woman for up to 1 week and a woman can ovulate as late as a week before, during, andas early as a week after her period.So doing the math, its completely possible to get pregnant if you have unprotected sex on while on your period.

5. Babies get a fever when teething DON’T BELIEVE IT! Will a baby be extra fussy with teeth coming in?Yes!Will they cry more often and feel warm? Yes! But if you take your baby’s temperature and it is above low grade, meaning above the 99 degree range, then contact you doctor because although your baby may be teething something else is also wrong.