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By: Elena Jamscek

Dizziness is the feeling of being unbalanced or light headed and can sometimes cause fainting. Dizziness is one of the most common complaints I hear at the clinic; and there are several different causes for dizziness.

  1. LOW BLOOD SUGAR or hypoglycemia. This occurs when you haven’t eaten in a long time. This happens mostly to diabetics but others can have it too. Usually the first sign is shaking, blurry vision, headaches, rapid heartbeat, sweating, ringing in the ears, fatigue and poor concentration.
  2. INNER EAR PROBLEMS or labyrinthitis. The inner ear controls your balance. This can occur with ear infections or when you have fluid behind your ears from sinus drainage. Some symptoms of true labyrinthitis include: nausea, hearing loss, vertigo, ringing in the ears, and problems with vision focus.
  3. LOW BLOOD PRESSURE or hypotension. If this is the cause of the dizziness, it can be a sign of a more serious medical condition. Other symptoms include fatigue, depression, clammy skin, and blurred vision.
  4. HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE or hypertension. This is the “silent killer”. Often times there are no symptoms but if you can feel your heart beat in your head, have blurry vision, or have ringing in your ears get checked out.
  5. Meniere’s Disease. This is an inner ear disorder that is not reversible. It includes vertigo and hearing loss. Many times deafness is a result.

If you are having dizzy spells; sit down, take a rest, and have a healthy snack. If it goes away that good but a doctor’s visit isn’t out of the question. If it does not go away then seek care right then.

Need our help, come by and see us, no need for an appointment. We are located at 147 North Star Dr. in Jackson, TN or give us a call at 731-868-4716.