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By: Chad Zawacki, PA-C

Last month was Breast Cancer awareness month which a lot of people are very familiar but did you know there is a month for Men’s health awareness too?  November which some refer to as “Movember” hence those crazy mustaches and long beards growing takes place in November.  This is a time for raising awareness for common Men’s health issues specifically prostate and testicular cancer.

Testicular cancer is most commonly seen in young men especially between the ages of 15-40 with average age being 32.  The most common testicle involved is the right side.

Symptoms of testicular cancer is usually a painless nodule or firm mass in the involved testicle.  The important thing to remember is that it is “PAINLESS”.  If the mass is painful then usually it is something else such as epididymitis and should be diagnosed by a health care professional.

The diagnosis of testicular cancer is made by physical exam, ultrasound of the involved testicle as well as blood work.

Treatment involving testicular cancer involves radiation, chemo and sometimes a procedure known as orchiectomy where the involved testicle is removed.  By this time the patient is under the care of a urologist and or oncologist for proper monitoring and treatment protocols.

Lastly every male should perform a self-exam on themselves once a month.  This is best performed after showering/bathing and if a hard “painless” nodule or mass is felt you should seek advice from your health care provider regarding appropriate diagnosis and treatment.

Look for our next topic regarding prostate cancer.