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By: Chad Zawacki, PA-C


Its that time of the year when we all start fresh and form new yearly resolutions.
One of the most popular and most important resolutions focuses on your health which includes eating healthier and exercising more for a healthier life style.
When it comes to exercising it is recommended that you obtain 30 minutes of moderate aerobic activity at least 5 days per week.  This can include walking, jogging, running, hiking, swimming, etc.  It is also recommended that an individual takes part in weight training exercises involving all muscle groups at least twice a week.


Who should exercise and weight train?
It is recommended all individuals that are healthy enough and capable.  If you are unsure based on your health and age please see your health care provider for evaluation and clearance.

Eating Healthy
A common question is how much should I eat per day?  It is recommended that one consume 2000 calories per day.  It is important to note that this varies per person based on gender and if you’re an athlete where you would require more calories per day than the average person.  Having a balance of what you consume is important and a great website is which will help you monitor what foods you eat and keep a good balance of nutrients taken in.


If you have any questions or need help with your New Years resolution of eating better, getting more exercise and losing weight please stop by and see us at 45 Urgent care as we would love to help you meet your 2019 goals!


Give us a call today 731-554-0571. We offer many programs for weightloss, from medical to natural, let us design a plan for you.