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By: Elena Jamscek, PA-C

If you are having trouble sleeping at night there could be many reasons why but first things first you have to practice good sleep hygiene!

This includes

  • A bedtime routine – go to bed and rise at the same time everyday – even on weekends
  • No alcohol, caffeine, or nicotine intake before bed
  • No mentally or physically stimulating activities before bed – TV, reading, video games, and phone scrolling
  • Use bed for sex and sleep only
  • Keep bedroom dark, cool, and quiet

When these things have become a habit for you and your still having difficulties; the next step would be to try over the counter remedies like melatonin, magnesium, or sleep aides.  With your new correct sleep hygiene and an aide there should be no more problems.  However, if there is it is time to seek care with your medical provider.

Sleep disorders in my experience typically stem from anxiety.  If that is the case, keep a notebook by the bed to write down the thoughts that are keeping you awake.  Other issues could be medication related, psychiatric, neurologic, or pulmonary.

Keep the latter off your mind and try a natural sleep aide…if that doesn’t work let us know and we can do our best to help. As always, we are here Monday through Saturday from 8 am to 8 pm. Located conveniently off of the 45 Bypass in Jackson, TN at 147 North Star Dr. Have questions or concerns, just give us a call 731-554-0571 or check us out at