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BY: Chad Zawacki, PA-C

It is recommended that everyone 6 months and older receive the flu shot prior to the start of the flu season each year.  Ideally one should receive the flu vaccine in September or October as peak flu season runs from December through February.  It is recommended that the general population starts receiving their flu vaccines during September and October due to it taking approximately two weeks for immunity to take place following administering the vaccine.  With this being said you are not immediately immune to the flu virus after the shot.

What if you have not received the flu vaccine yet?

If you have not received the flu vaccine yet it is not too late!  Ideally it is best to receive during the months listed above but if you have not received the vaccine yet you still can.  By doing so you can decrease your risk of contracting the flu virus especially if flu season runs longer or even later this year.

Can I get sick from the flu shot?

A lot of questions arise regarding the flu vaccine.  Most of these are myths!  One of the biggest headaches that providers encounter yearly are patients stating they elect not to get the flu vaccine due to concerns that it will cause them to get the flu.  This is untrue as the vaccine is not a live virus it is an inactive form of the virus.  The most common side effects are soreness around the site of where the vaccine was given and to a lesser extent mild cold like symptoms.

It is always recommended that everyone receive the flu vaccine yearly at the appropriate time and if you still have not received the vaccine it is not too late and you can stop by 45 Urgent Care and receive yours today!