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By: Chad Zawacki PA-C

As summer is soon to be in full swing and children will be getting ready to start sports later in the summer it is important that physicals are conducted prior to starting any activities.  These always come at an inconvenience as they require a family to stop what they are doing go to a doctor’s office and have to pay money out of pocket for their child to participate.  It seems like the same scenario year after year just to have your doctor sign a few forms.

Even though it seems like a waste of time and money it is vital in maintaining a safe and healthy lifestyle for your child.  It ultimately is a screening tool utilized for maximum safe participation in whatever sport your child is involved in.

Importance of a sports physical:

  • screening for any heart conditions
  • identify any history of concussions or recent history/deficits.
  • Screening for asthma.  If there is a history of asthma is it under control?
  • identify eating disorders
  • identify any musculoskeletal complaints/deficits
  • vision check
  • Address any concerns the child and or parents may have

It is also important to note that during the check up if your child has restrictions that were previously placed on them regarding participating in sports this could be if deemed appropriate removed from them if they are no longer applicable.

At 45 urgent care we accept all adolescents ages four and up and are open Monday through Saturday from 8:00AM-8:00PM and can address all of your pre-participation exams.