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Recommendations for the COVID Booster Shots

There are now booster recommendations for all 3 COVID vaccines available in the U.S. Now that the booster shots are FDA approved, who exactly is eligible to receive one?

  • Those who received a Pfizer or Moderna vaccine over 6 months ago and who fall into one of the following categories:
    • 65 years and older
      • Age 18 or older who work in high risk settings (ie healthcare, schools, grocery store workers, etc)
      • Age 18 or older with underlying medical conditions (Diabetes, Heart disease, Obesity, etc)
      • Age 18 or older who live in long-term care facilities (nursing homes, care homes, etc)
  • For those who received the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, booster shots are recommended for those who are 18 or older and were vaccinated over 2 months ago.

Let’s just say you weren’t too happy with the effectiveness of the J&J vaccine. Well the CDC recommendations now allow for choosing a different COVID vaccine from the one that you had previously.  So if you had the Moderna vaccine over 6 months ago, it is fine if you end up getting the Pfizer booster. Most importantly, all the data continues to show that all 3 vaccines are highly effective at reducing the risk of hospitalization or death from COVID-19. If you’re wanting to find out where to get a booster shot,  just go to You just type in your zip code and it will tell you all of the locations in your area that are giving the vaccines.

Joshua White PA-C