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Low back pain, while a lot of the times is caused by an injury, there are many times that we don’t know how we hurt our backs.  Most of the time that kind of pain can be prevented.  It can be prevented by increasing the strength of your core.  I am not talking about the 6 pack abs that everyone can see, I’m talking about your body’s anatomical back brace, the transverse abdominis (TA).  The TA is the muscle underneath your six pack ;).  It holds all your organs in tight and supports your spine.  We don’t focus on it enough when we work out because you can’t see the improvements but if you don’t use it you will lose it.

To strengthen that muscle it is very simple.

1) Lie on you back on a hard surface with knees bent

2) Tighten your abs and attempt to smash your back against the hard surface

– imagine there is a string behind your belly button that is pulling it to the hard surface

3) Hold that position for a few seconds and then release

4) Repeat that 10-20 times a day.


This will increase your core strength and better support your spine. For more tips come visit us at 45 Urgent Care or Advanced Rehab and Therapy for all your back pain needs!