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You may have heard the term, “Rebound COVID” by now, and it actually appears to be fairly common. When Paxlovid, a COVID-19 antiviral medication began to be used, a trend was noticed that after becoming asymptomatic and testing negative, a few days later symptoms would reappear or patients were testing positive again. These rebound effects were also found to affect those who were not treated with Paxlovid, but were somewhat different. Those who did not take this medication did not show as high of viral levels when rebound symptoms were occurring. COVID rebound is more common in those who took Paxlovid and those treated were

more likely to have higher levels of the virus in their system during the rebound phase than those who were not treated. Although experiencing “Rebound COVID” is more common with Paxlovid, the medication still remains the most effective outpatient treatment for those within the

first 5 days of a COVID infection.

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Joshua White PA-C