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October as well as you all know is breast cancer awareness month and even if you are not of the age for your yearly mammogram…which is super important to get done ladies…it is also important for those of us with tatas to do home breast exams.

When you are doing a home breast exam it is best to not do one the week before or while you are on your menstrual cycle. Most people find it easiest to do the exam while in the shower which is perfectly fine! What you are feeling for is any lump that is hard, not moveable, and feels similar to a frozen pea. These lumps typically do not cause pain. These are the lumps of concern and if you feel one you should seek medical advice.

Many women have what we call fibrous breast tissue and those women will have many “lumps” in the breast but they are moveable, larger, and are somewhat sore when touched. These are not the kind to be worried about but if you are unsure feel free to get seen by a medical professional.

Elena Jamscek, PA-C