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February is Heart Health Month. Here are some natural ways to reduce your risk of heart disease.

Reduce your blood pressure
– Exercise at least 3 times a week
– Decrease the amount of sodium you eat – that doesn’t just mean to watch how much salt you put on your food. we need to be aware of how much is already in our food. We should limit our sodium intake to less than 2400 mg daily!
– Eat more red and orange foods – beta carotene naturally decreases blood pressure
– Consume coconut water – if you already have high blood pressure coconut water has been shown to decrease it.

Decrease your cholesterol
– Watch the amount of transfats you consume – this is in a lot of fried foods and cheese.
– Cook with good fats like avocado oil or olive oil instead of butter or canola oil.
– Take a daily fish oil supplement

Finally quit smoking!

If you are struggling even with diet and exercise modifications, please feel free to walk in here at 45 Urgent Care in Jackson, TN and speak to us about medication management!

By: Elena Jamscek, PA-C