Do you have chronic sinus problems?

Does your nose drip all the time? Do you have

  • Facial pressure
  • decreased ability to smell
  • nasal drainage
  • blocked nasal passages

If you have 2 or more of these symptoms “all the time” then you probably have chronic rhinosinusitis. All the time also correlates to more than 12 weeks in a year.

Treatment is directed at helping the clearance of secretions in the nose, improving sinus drainage, and decreasing local infection and inflammation.

  1. Nasal irrigation – Netipot
  2. Intranasal corticosteroid sprays (of which fluticasone is now available over the counter).
  3. Antibiotics may help if there is evidence of an active acute sinus infection.
  4. If treatment does not help, then a consult with an ear, nose, throat doctor may help.

It’s also helpful to know if you may be allergic to something you are around all day/everyday. Allergy testing can be done in the office with a quick 15 minutes test.

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