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Does Hand Sanitizer Replace Soap & Water?

By: Brittney Grooms Hand sanitizers can reduce the amount of germs on our skin but they aren’t perfect… How Effective Are They Really? Alcohol-based hand sanitizers can be a useful ...
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Fever- When should you be concerned?

Waking in the middle of the night sweating from a fever can be quite alarming, especially if it’s a child that has the fever. The good news is that fevers aren’t necessarily bad. The ...
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Can't Quit Coughing?

By: Amber White The weather’s cold, the days are short, and the cold and flu viruses are running rampant. It’s likely that sometime this season, you’ll find yourself with a bit of a ...
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Allergies VS. Infection

By: Elena Jamscek Here we are, spring has sprung and the pollen count is high! If you have noticed your car, your front door, even the asphalt is covered in lime green powder…that’s ...
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5 Quick Thoughts/Tips from the Current Flu Season...

By: Amber White The flu is a virus and it has to run its course. This flu season it seems to be hanging around a little longer so expect 7-10 days before you start to really feel better. Tamiflu will ...
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Pink Eye....What Is It?

By Elena Jamscek Pink eye or conjunctivitis is an inflammation and/or infection of the white part of the eye; more specifically the clear membrane that covers the white part of the eye. We can get ...
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Valentine's Day and "The Kissing Disease"

By: Amber White So, we just celebrated Valentine’s Day and I’m sure most of you locked lips with that special someone. Let’s talk about something you should keep in mind. ...
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Oh Nausea!

By: Amber White So.. you go to bed and everything is all fine and dandy and then you wake to that all too familiar feeling of nausea. A feeling that most people can’t stand. With nausea often ...
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Adult Earaches

By: Amber White Most of the time when a patient comes in complaining of an ear ache it tends to be a child, however sometimes adults do have ear pain from time to time. One of the main causes of ear ...
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I have a sore throat... Should I go to the doctor or wait it out?

I have a sore throat... Should I go to the doctor or wait it out? By: Amber White One of the most common complaints we see at 45 Urgent Care is sore throat, especially now that schools are back in ...
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