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By: Elena Jamscek

As 2017 approaches in like a day, you may be thinking of making a New Year’s resolution. Maybe you have thought about quitting smoking…I say that’s the best thought you have had all year! We all have heard that smoking can give you lung cancer, COPD, and chronic bronchitis; and it can, but there are so many other things it can cause too.

The nicotine in anything that you inhale whether it is actual cigarettes or vaping makes your blood vessels like a hose with a kink in it. So now your body isn’t getting the blood supply it needs. That leads to possible AMPUTATIONS!!

Do you have high blood pressure? Well if you smoke, you’re not helping yourself out in that department. Same concept as before, kinked blood vessels make your heart work harder than it should and in turn gives you HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE!

Do you have numbness in your feet or hands? Well if you smoke, those same kinked blood vessels affect your nerves. Without the proper blood supply your nerve endings aren’t nourished like they should be and they stop working causing you to feel NUMBNESS!

Are you sick all the time? Well that is because smoking causes a DECREASED IMMUNE SYSTEM!

A lot of smokers say that it calms them down. That is an oxymoron. Nicotine is actually a stimulant and can cause an INCREASE IN ANXIETY and increased jitteriness.






And if all that doesn’t make you think you need to quit smoking…

LADY smokers are more likely to have INFERTILITY problems

MEN those kinked blood vessels leads to ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION!

There are many over the counter options that can be tried as well as prescription options. We would be glad to help you out with this awesome New Year’s resolution. Just come by and see us at 147 North Star Drive in Jackson. We look forward to helping you become a healthier, happier you for 2017!