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Cardio Quick Check

By: Amber White

So it’s the new year and it is time to get into your doctor for your annual check up.. Great! Except now that it’s January your insurance deductible has reset and you do not have the cash to spend on a doctor’s visit much less the additional bill you get from the lab company. Well we have an affordable way for you to get that checkup. It’s called a Cardio Quick Check and this is what is included;




Blood Pressure

Heart Rate


Blood Glucose

Lipid Panel

It is called a Quick Check because it is all done here in our office and our provider will sit down with you at the same visit and go over the results with you and discuss any further follow up if that is needed. Average time for this visit is around 30 minutes and costs you just $27.00. Which is cheaper than most copay plans you see as well. Give us a call to get this set up at 731-554-0571 or just stop by and let us know you need a “Cardio Quick Check” (You will need to come in fasting for this appointment)