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By: Elena Jamscek

Here we are, spring has sprung and the pollen count is high! If you have noticed your car, your front door, even the asphalt is covered in lime green powder…that’s pollen! So if you are an allergy sufferer like me you know what’s coming. If not its possible you are or your child is experiencing the effects of seasonal allergies for the first time here is the difference between allergies and something for which you need to see a doctor.


  • Itchy, watery, irritated eyes – this is MY first sign of allergies coming. This is when I know to take an antihistamine and to go get some over the counter eye drops.
  • Stuffy nose with clear nasal drainage – allergies will always cause only a clear drainage
  • Facial fullness – your sinuses are inflamed from the allergens in the air and the clear mucus can’t drain
  • Throat soreness in the morning – allergies can cause drainage down your throat that can irritate your throat but you will notice throughout the day the soreness will dissipate


  • Fever – allergies will not cause a fever – come to the doctor
  • Colored nasal discharge – Your nasal discharge may have started clear and from allergies but once it starts to turn dark yellow or green an infection has set in
  • Coughing up colored mucus – this could mean that the nasal drainage is going down your throat or there is an infection in your lungs – in either case a doctor visit is warranted
  • Sore throat that lasts all day – strep throat will not dissipate throughout the day and will get worse with every swallow.

Over the counter allergy pills are a great place to start if you are having any symptoms but when in doubt we are always here to help! Just come by and see us, we are here from Monday through Saturday 8 am to 8 pm. No appointment needed, we take walk-ins.