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We just received our flu vaccines for 2017-2018 flu season!

Taking a few moments to come to 45 Urgent Care at the beginning of flu season to get the flu vaccine can save you from expending unnecessary downtime sick down the road. The flu shot can be administered to virtually anyone, including kids as young as 4. Getting a flu shot doesn’t generally hurt nor does it cause any reaction and again, it goes a long way in not only protecting yourself, but in protecting others as well.

When you get a flu shot, you shouldn’t expect 100% perfection though. Because of the many different strains of the virus that exist each year, the vaccine that is developed annually only prevents against the most dominate strain the Center for Disease Control expects to be the most prevalent.

We can bill most insurances for these however we also have a cash fee of only $30. Stop by today and walk-in for your shot at 149 Northstar Drive Jackson, TN or give us a call at 731-554-0571 to schedule your appt.