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By: Chad Zawacki, PA-C

It is that time of the year again….. flu season!

As we are now in the fall months and approaching winter the number of flu cases seen Nationwide will start to rise rapidly and especially around Jackson Tn and at 45 Urgent Care.

When is the most common time of the year for flu?

The most common time of the year in which flu is diagnosed is through the winter months being December thru March.  These are known as the “peak months.”
This year has been unique as the virus has been diagnosed already in Jackson TN with cases being seen as early as August at 45 Urgent Care.

What are the symptoms of flu?
-body aches
-runny/stuffy nose

As one can see the symptoms for the flu have a wide array and can sometimes mimic a common cold.

How is the flu virus diagnosed?
A simple visit to your health care provider such as at 45 urgent care can help determine whether your symptoms are caused by the flu virus or not.
Confirmation is by collecting a sample of respiratory secretions via nasal swab known as a rapid influenza diagnostic test.

How to treat the flu?
If you believe you have the flu virus the best treatment is simply rest and lots of clear fluids along with over the counter medications to help control symptoms.
Tamiflu can help lessen the severity of the symptoms and duration of the illness.  Stay tuned for more information regarding treatment and Tamiflu on the next blog.

What are the Best Methods for Prevention?
-Hand washing #1!
-Yearly flu vaccine (more info on next blog)
-Proper hygiene such as covering your cough and sneezes.

The influenza virus is an illness that cannot be avoided 100% of the time but with appropriate precautions taken one has a decreased chance of contracting the illness.
Also those that recognize the signs/symptoms of the virus early on have a better chance of improving their symptoms and decreasing the duration of the illness.

If you are concerned that you may have the flu please stop by 45 Urgent care where we are more than happy to assist you and properly treat your condition. We are here Monday through Saturday 8am to 8pm, no appointment needed.

Also… We have the flu vaccine in so come by and get vaccinated today!