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By: Chad Zawacki

When asking a patient when their last yearly physical was a medical provider usually receives one of two answers.  The patient typically responds with last year and knows the exact date or they will say it has been some time ago and is unsure when their last physical was.

With urgent care clinics starting to become more popular and primary care clinics having longer wait times individuals are missing out on an important yearly examination that is important to ones health.  Also, individuals often note not having a primary care provider due to not having health insurance.  With this in mind a yearly physical by your primary care provider would be very costly leading to one reason yearly physicals are not performed.

What is the Importance of a yearly physical?

A full head to toe examination at least once a year is very important for multiple reasons.  One it addresses any skin lesions such as early detection of skin cancer that may be picked up and treated early on.  It allows for screening of high blood pressure and other cardiac abnormalities which can be easily treated and maintained with medications.  It also allows for yearly blood work to screen for diabetes, cholesterol and infections.  Lastly it allows for the opportunity to express concerns you may have about your health, ask questions, refill medications and stay up-to-date on immunizations.

Where can I have a yearly physical completed?

At 45 Urgent care we are able to perform yearly physicals for all ages four and up.  A yearly physical would be performed by one of our mid level providers a physician assistant or nurse practitioner and takes anywhere from 30-45 minutes to complete.

If you have not had a yearly physical in some time we welcome you to stop by for yours today! If you have insurance it is important to note that your insurance pays for one physical each year! So why wait?  Stop by today and have a healthy 2019!