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By Chad Zawacki PA-C

As the summer months are approaching it is important to consider sun protection when out catching those rays.  A lot of individuals have questions specifically on what type of sunscreen or sunblock they should use and directions on use.

The American Academy of Dermatology recommends using a sunscreen with atleast an spf of 30.  This is said to block 97 % of sun UVB rays.  Higher spf sunblocks are noted to block a higher percentage of sun rays.  It is important to note that a higher spf sunscreen does not mean you can go longer in the sun without applying the sunscreen it simply corresponds with a higher percentage of UVB ray protection compared to spf 30 block.

Sunscreen no matter the spf number is recommended to be applied every two hours whether it is a cloudy day or there is zero clouds in the sky.  It should be applied soon after sweating or swimming due to some of the product coming off thus re application is sooner than 2 hours in these situations.

With the appropriate use of sunscreen sun damaged skin can be minimal and even prevented thus preventing skin cancer.

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