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Prevent Colds and Flu

By: Elena Jamscek, PA-C

Since school is officially back in session so are the cold and viruses!  Here are some simple things you can do to help prevent you and your loved ones from getting sick during the school year.

  1. Get the flu shot – so this one is probably the most obvious one. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), getting vaccinated is the best way to protect against seasonal flu infections.  While the flu vaccine does not guarantee total immunity, but it reduces the severity of symptoms and lower the risk of flu-related hospitalizations and deaths.
  2. Disinfect your surfaces – I’m talking metal, wood, glass, tile, fabrics, paper… depending on the temperature and humidity of the surrounding environment viruses can live for months outside the human body.
  3. Keep the air clean – this is not about pollution this is about COVERING YOUR FACE WHEN YOU SNEEZ AND COUGH!!!!! The flu can travel up to 12 feet after a sneeze or cough! When you sick please try and stay away from people as much as you can.
  4. Hand washing – washing your hands reduces your risk of getting the flu up to 20%
  5. Supplements – Zinc is an important micronutrient that occurs naturally in meat, fish, nuts, and other foods. Being deficient in Zinc can weaken your immune system causing you to get sick more often.
  6. Increasing fiber intake – Fiber has been shown to increase your immune system on top of all the other dietary improvements it makes.
  7. QUIT SMOKING – just quit smoking – its better for everyone
  8. Exercise – Regular physical activity can improve a person’s general health and wellbeing and reduce the risk of several illnesses.

Hope this helps!