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By: Elena Jamscek, PA-C


Coming soon to 45 Urgent Care and Advanced Rehab and Medical … extended release steroid knee injections! This new injection is said to work for 2-3 months longer than the regular steroid knee injection. The knee injection can be given at 3 month intervals same as before but are now better for diabetic patient as well as for a longer term option than the traditional steroid knee injection. With this injection you actually get a lower dose of steroids but due to the configuration and reconstitution of the steroid it is slowly released over time and will not raise the patient’s blood sugar. This new extended release steroid knee injection is also considered safer due to the lower dose of steroid and the longer release there is less joint degeneration due to steroid use. Really just better all around.


How to know if you are a candidate for this injection…


– daily pain score of 5/10 or higher

– failed anti inflammatory treatment – meaning it just doesn’t take away your pain

– have had steroid injections in the past and they don’t last as long as they should

– have had visco/rooster comb/gel injections that work but not the entire 6 months like they should

– xray evidence of osteoarthritis

– popping, clicking, grinding of the knee


If you are unsure, just come on in for an evaluation and our medical providers can help you! We are here Monday – Saturday 8am to 8pm.