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Sleep Quality and its Effect on Glucose Control

Getting high quality sleep is one of the most important ways that we can be a healthier person overall, alongside diet and exercise. Poor sleep is associated with many common health conditions, including obesity and diabetes. Recently, a study was done on how our sleep affects our glucose response the next day. The study showed that those who sleep for longer periods of time had lower blood sugar reading following a high carbohydrate breakfast. It also showed that those who sleep longer than they usually did had a lower after meal blood sugar reading.

Even if you’re not a diabetic who has to check their blood glucose every day, your body’s response to carbohydrate intake is still a very important function. When higher glycemic foods are eaten, the body responds with more insulin. The more insulin that is needed after the meal, the more calories that are stored as fat So if you are trying to fight off the holiday weight gain, this is just one more reason for everyone to get consistent high quality sleep.

Joshua White PA-C