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By: Christy Seratt 10/17/16

It’s 8:00 am, you’ve overslept! You jump out of bed and bang your toe right on the corner. Ouch! It begins to swell, instantly turning a wide range of colors. Could it be broken you wonder? Amongst all the commotion, you now have to decide…..Urgent Care vs. Emergency Room?

So, just how do you decide which place should you go to? The decision may be even easier to make than you think. At 45 Urgent Care, PC our clinic offers extended hours, have little to no-wait time, and offer many of the same services as emergency rooms.

Below are three reasons you should consider 45 Urgent Care, PC over the ER.

1) Speed

Since we are not directly connected to a hospital, our staff are not spread thin, thus creating a shorter wait time for you or your loved one. If time is of an issue, and the injury is NOT LIFE THREATNING, then 45 Urgent Care, PC may be right for you. We offer walk-in visits with no appointment necessary.

2) Cost

Insurance typically will only cover a life-threatening trip to the ER. So, if you have a minor injury or sickness and you want to make sure the trip is covered, come see us. We take most insurances and offer great self-pay rates.

3) Services

Here at 45 Urgent Care, PC we offer a wide variety of testing and treatments beyond cold and flu. Our services include allergy testing and treatment, workers comp, women’s health, sports injuries, occupational medicine and personal case injuries. Not to mention we have digital x-ray and labs on site.

So, in the case that you or a loved one come down with a minor illness or incur a minor injury, come see us at 45 Urgent Care, PC. We sincerely care about providing you with the exceptional healthcare you deserve.

Feel free to contact us at (731) 554-0571 or come in anytime you need medical attention!